MedAid United Kingdom believes in collaboration and partnerships that will help us to deliver our goals and save more lives. Below are our current NGO partners supporting MedAid UK's causes and projects. We'd love to welcome your company to join us - if you're interested please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Children of the Nations

Children of the Nations® (COTN®) is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to raising children out of poverty and hopelessness so they can become leaders who transform their nations. The organization currently provides care to orphaned and destitute children in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. By partnering with local people, they establish Children’s Homes (for orphans) and Village Partnership Programs (to benefit orphans and children living with destitute families or caregivers who cannot properly provide for them). COTN believes true, lasting, and meaningful change to a nation begins with children, so they are their mission.

COTN is working in partnership with MedAid United Kingdom to save the lives of children in Uganda by providing quality and essential healthcare services to underprivileged children. We are so grateful for the donation of medical supplies which is being shipped to provide quality healthcare through Alemere Medical Aid Uganda Children and Maternity Health Centre, Amolatar District Northern Uganda. Dave, Chris, Trustees, and Supporters of COTN thank you so much for your support. On behalf of the Children in Need in Uganda thank you so much for your support and donations. We pray God’s blessing to you all Amen.

Christian African Relief Trust

Christian African Relief Trust recycles donated personal, educational, vocational and first aid items. Goods are sold in their charity shop to raise essential funds; items requested by groups in Africa are sorted and packed ready to send; the rest are recycled. They support small scale, sustainable self-help projects with known organisations, such as MedAid UK.


Many schools in developing countries have a science laboratory but no equipment. Their students are still required to take practical exams and they may have to travel some distance to another school, to be confronted by apparatus they have never handled before. Few such students pass the examinations.

LabAid aims to improve the teaching of science by providing these schools with equipment, free of charge, through recycling apparatus being discarded by science departments in the UK. LabAid is working in partnership with Medaid United Kingdom to set up educational resources centre and provide science laboratory equipment in schools in Africa to inspire and improve the teaching of science.

International Health Partners

Working with a network of healthcare companies across the globe, we organise, co-ordinate and move donations of medicines and health supplies. At the same time, we work closely with our NGO partners to identify what they need, and to supply them with donations in an effective, safe and responsible way.

These donations facilitate humanitarian work in some of the world’s poorest and most challenging places, including Gaza, Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Yemen, where people lack access to basic healthcare.


“The health of marginalized communities is compromised in its holistic context of physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. In the same context, the ability to appropriately and sustainably respond to livelihood challenges and demands by marginalized communities are a key determinant of health, and thus fighting inherent under development and incapacitation is a key strategy to promote a sustained holistic health community.”

Vision: Ugandan society in which children and other vulnerable community enjoy the same right irrespective of their status.

Mission: Reach out to those in needy situations and improve their standard of living.

All Nations Christian Care

ANCC was formed in 1989, and legally registered in 1999, by a group of Christian professionals to respond to both natural and man made disasters that have subjected the people of Northern Uganda and South Sudan to untold suffering hence living in poverty. ANCC is working in north eastern Uganda. And in South Sudan ANCC is working in Ikotos county, Eastern Equatoria State. ANCC was started with aim of scaling up the provision of welfare service to the vulnerable persons in order to promote human dignity. ANCC works in four main thematic areas of agricultural, water Sanitation and hygiene, Education and health, and humanitarian aid and relief. In recent years the organization has included the aspect of menstrual hygiene management in schools and communities.


As a charity dedicated to helping people help themselves Workaid tackles poverty mainly in East Africa and the UK. They collect, refurbish and then supply tools and equipment to self-help groups and vocational training projects.

Workaid help provide a valuable community service by refurbishing tools that would otherwise be thrown away. Supported by a large group of volunteers from all walks of life, they supply disadvantaged people with the tools and practical skills to become self-supporting.

Workaid work directly with MedAid UK to provide people and communities with things they want rather than what we think they might need - thei ethos is providing Tools for Life.

Medical Aid Uganda

Our vision is to save the lives of children and disadvantaged communities by establishing health centers and mobile medical and dental services in remote villages where access to basic health services is a problem.

To promote quality of life of the disadvantaged communities by providing humanitarian relief services, provision of clean drinking water, sanitation and emergency medical treatment to the local population, refugees, youth and displaced youth or persons

To provide basic skills training in health care services delivery in collaboration with the government of Uganda and other charitable organisations.
To support the eradication of poverty by establishing income-generating and self-sustainable programs through the provision of small enterprise development.

To Support education by making available educational/training materials, establish information/resource centres, vocational training centres, primary or secondary schools and to sponsor orphans and other disadvantaged persons.

Google for Nonprofit

Our Charity is happy to be a partner with Google for Nonprofit. Google for Nonprofit is helping our charity a lot to advertise and fundraise online to support our vital community programs. We Just want to say Thank you to Google by letting our partners, supporters, and beneficiaries know how your donations of $10,000/month Google Ad is helping our vital programs know by millions of people online and social media.

Google for Nonprofit:

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Help your nonprofit collaborate more effectively with smart, secure business apps like Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, and Google Meet, so you can focus on what matters.

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