Empowering Youth

Providing financial support to CAET through Medical Aid Uganda to achieve greatly in the field of sustainable agricultrue, processing and marketing.

Improving Education

Good quality education is critical for young people and we are proud to have provided 200,000 textbooks to over 40 schools across Uganda.

Providing Water

Water is an essential human need and we have drilled over 30 boreholes for schools and villages and have sent over 3,000 water filtration kits to Nothern Uganda.

Essential Heathcare for Families

We're raising money to provide essential healthcare services to families suffering due to a lack of access to medical supplies and healthcare facilities.

Sigma Africa Healthcare

We're working with Sigma on this fantastic project dedicated to making medical supplies available to NGOs, churches and not-for-profit hospitals and health centres in Africa.

Sustainable Farming

This project is dedicated to training local communities in sustainable farming, providing education and resources to improve the quality of life and help feed communities.

Water Sanitation

Clean water is essential for living a healthy life, so this project is dedicated to ensuring the supply of clean, safe drinking water to African communities that are in desperate need.

Youth Empowerment

This fantastic project is all about empowering young generations through education, teaching them skills, and equipping them with the tools to become self-sufficient.

EduCare Project

MedAid UK hopes to build a resource centre in Uganda, allowing many teachers and children access to better educational facilities, a true passion of ours.

Dental & Oral Healthcare Project

By providing mobile and complete dental surgeries we hope to vastly improve the state of dental care in communities that are desperately in need of improvements.

Marjorie Moxon Maternity Unit

This maternity unit in Alemere Community Health Center, Northern Uganda, will ensure the safety of mothers and babies' lives during birth, supported by trained midwives.
A £1 a week donation can save and transform the life of a child

£1 A Week Donation Can Save and Transform the Life of A Child

Together let's make a lasting legacy of building a hospital with a £1 a week donation. Thank you for taking the challenge.


We have helped save the lives of thousands of children by providing essential healthcare services in remote villages where access to medical services was previously very limited. We have inspired and helped build greater education services for underprivileged children, empowering, and equipping them with life-changing skills.


Our key partners are essential in helping us to successfully provide healthcare and education to those in need.