Clean water is essential for a healthy life and unfortunately, in many remote villages across Africa, access to clean drinking water is extremely hard to find. Your donations will help fund this project allowing us to distribute aqua boxes – providing water filtration units which make water safe for drinking and cooking, as well as drilling boreholes which will provide whole communities and schools with vital access to clean drinking water.

Water is an essential human need and we have drilled over 30 boreholes for schools and villages and have sent over 3,000 water filtration kits to Northern Uganda.

What Can you do to help?

1; You could made a donation to help drill a bore hole in a school or remote rural village in Africa. Drilling a shallow well cost £2,500 and deep well cost £5,500. amd this will supple clean and safe drinking water to over 3,000.

2; You could make a donation to support building water tank with a filtration system in to harvest clean rain water for domestic use. Building  rain water harvest cost £1000. This will supple clean and safe water to over 2,500 people.

3; Make a donation  to help build a safe spring well. Building a safe spring well cost £500 which will supply clean safe water to over 2,500 in a rural village.

4; Make a donation to help us ship a 40 foot container filled with water filtration kites (Aquaboxes). This will benefit over 4,000 people.